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product design

Wikipedia has over 41 million articles across 294 languages. But those articles were hidden behind a blank search box. I led an initiative to create new ways to discover the world while mobile. 

I proposed a central experience that would constantly update with content. (A feed – its everywhere on the internet!)


We rebuilt the app from scratch. I worked with the team to create a new navigation structure. The goal was to make discovery central to the experience. The feed is a combination of current events, popular stories, recommendations based on reading history, places nearby your location, and curation by wikipedia editors.

“The app is well-designed and highly polished, and worth the download for those who would rather learn something in their free time rather than goof off on Snapchat.” Techcrunch.


Day 7 retention - before launch 10%

Day 7 retention - after launch 15.4%

Role: Principal interaction design, visual design



This shows how the feed will update over time.


Promotional Video

This shows off the features of the new app! Created by Nirzar Pangarkar

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