Make it easier for anyone to edit Wikipedia


Wikipedia is created by thousands of people all over the world. An organic system based on the collaboration of many rather than the authority of a few.

In the past, articles were created by editing the source code of the page, so it was a very tech-savvy user base. Seeking more diverse writers, Wikipedia began to build a visual editor - a word document tool that anyone can use.


Wikipedia is available in 290 languages, each with their own traditions and structure (or lack of). The editing tools must work with complex and diverse markup.


Improve the editing tools for new users without a tech background, while maintaining support for experienced editors.

Usability testing

I prioritized a list of user tasks by analyzing edit summaries and new article requirements. We tested these tasks at and observed the pain points. This helped us decide which tools to improve first.


After redesigning several tools, we tested again and improved the task completion rate from 2 / 5 to 5 / 5.

Role: Principal interaction design