Toyota – Meet Your Match

Campaign – Fall 2018 – Pinterest


I created a quiz experience for Pinterest called "Meet Your Match" that guides users to the best Toyota for their lifestyle. A similar quiz existed on Toyotas site, but it was very complex and got low engagement. The goal was to create a beautiful, fun experience for mobile users.

Quiz wireframes

We decided the user should choose between only 2 options per question for the least cognitive load. We kept the maximum to 4 questions, giving one of 4 results.

The animation gives a feeling of constantly moving forward.


Results experience

The user is given 1 of 4 results and then can swipe through the major features of the car, that reinforce their options chosen during the quiz. Users can also explore the features of the other cars.


Throughout the campaign we continued to make UX optimizations to improve completion. Almost all users who made it to question 2 complete the quiz. The average user visited 4 screens, and the average time on brand was 14 seconds.